Health and Beauty in One treatment

The Foot Health Pedicure £45

Treatment includes:

Ingrown and invuluted toenails treated

Nail trimming and shaping

Callus and corns removed

Thickened ridged nails reduced

Fungal nails treated

Cracked dry heels repaired

Wart and verucca treatments

Orthotics supplied to relieve foot pain

             Stephanie Francis MAR SAC Dip RFHP

(Home Visit) 07949 22 33 45


or book a treatment at the Clinic

Sunrise Health & Beauty Marlow

01628 487 719


Stephanie Francis is a Qualified Foot Health Practioner & Reflexologist

I am a member of the NHS Directory of Complimentary and Alternative Practioners



Corporate Foot Health Service

Employees are able to benefit from special reduced corporate rates and the convenience of not having to leave the office.  If you would like to hear more about this, please do give me a call or send an email to

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